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I cannot say enough good things about Boot Camps To Go. In the summer of 2009 I applied to the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy, and was accepted. I had only a basic idea of the fitness standards and programs that PTLEA was going to put my through, but I knew that I wanted to go in there as fit as I could make myself in the available time. From October to the end of January (PTLEA started in early February for me), I did the majority of my preparatory training with Laurel, Mike, and Ricky. The difference from the beginning to the end was staggering. As far as straight-up weight went, I slimmed down a few pounds; but, more importantly for me, I lost body fat and put on muscle. Boot Camps made my able to complete a more demanding fitness program with lower recovery time and at greater speed and a higher number of reps. I had two specific moments where I knew Boot Camps was the best choice I had made. The first is while transitioning to running. I HATE running. However, I noticed my recovery time afterward was down from minutes to seconds. Laurel, Mike, and Ricky had made my cardiovascular system that much stronger. The other was when I had to go to the doctor's office for my physical prior to entering the Academy. It was an awesome experience to see the blood pressure numbers in better than the optimum range. I am about a month into PTLEA right now, and so I have gotten a sample of their fitness program. Without the preparation of Boot Camps - in terms of teaching my techniques, the actual training, etc - I would not be able to consistently perform near the top of my class.

The greatest strengths of Laurel, Mike, and Ricky is in their ability to make their exercise programs hard, instructive, and...(fun)! Each day was different in terms of muscles targeted and the exercises we did. The care and thought that goes into that makes all the difference. The trainers at Boot Camps make you WANT to work out, to push yourself that little bit harder.

Jerritt Federico

Yesterday my husband told me my legs looked like the legs of a trainer. I started bootcamp a year ago as an overweight out of shape working mom of 2 toddlers. I attended for 6 months 3 times a week. Laurel and Mike gave me the base I needed to continue on my own. 1 year later I am down 5 clothing sizes and 17 pounds. I ran a relay race that took my team 202 miles across Florida and just completed a half marathon. Exercise is now a part of my life thanks to Boot Camp fitness and training. I have no more excuses for not finding time. I have a 30 pound kettlebell at work with me now!

Monica Rodriquez

As an athlete, I came into bootcamp all ready in good shape. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew that I wanted to challenge myself. Not only did each workout challenge me, they pushed my limits and drove me to a whole new level of fitness. The great thing about the workouts are that they can all be scaled to each person's personal fitness. It's as challenging as you make it. Originally I planned to do bootcamp to learn about different ways to challenge my body. I learned about interval training, kettlebell work and many other methods of punishment. In this learning process my body and mind changed as well. Coming out of bootcamp (for just one month), I am leaner, have better balance, posture, and I feel more mentally sharp. This training is no joke. I've completely changed my workout routine and will continue to use what I've learned from Laurel and Mike.


I am thrilled that I decided to sign up for boot camp a few months ago. I had never heard of kettle bells before joining, and now I love them. Laurel incorporates them into almost every workout somehow, and I can definitely see results. Before I joined boot camp, I would say that the last time I could do "boy push ups" (more than one) was high school. Now, if for some odd reason, someone says "Drop, and give me 20," I could totally do it. One of my goals going in was to increase my upper body strength. I could already hang with the boys on the tennis court, but now my cross court shots are smokin' (and "the boys" are having trouble returning them). Laurel is a great kettle bell instructor because she pays attention to each of us on the individual level. She knows when you need to switch to a heavier kettle bell, and she keeps you motivated. Before boot camp, I would have never tried to swing a 25 or 30 lb weight, but now I know it's possible (with kettle bells!). Not only that, I just realized that I lost 5 lbs...yahtzee! I'm sure that I can keep going in the right direction if I stick with boot camp and Laurel's awesome workouts.


Also, I want to say I really appreciate what an awesome program you have set up... Due to the weather and my getting sick, I wasn't there the entire time, BUT even still, I lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks by going to your classes and eating healthy. I really believe my sessions helped spike up my metabolism which in turn encouraged me to continue working out. I won't be able to come back during the holidays, but will definitely return in January. This is by far the best work-out experience I've had in Tallahassee.

Thanks again & I will see you tomorrow for our make-up session. :-)

Have a great day,

Barby Francis

Boot Camp may be a group exercise class but Laurel & Michael & Ricky make sure you get as much individual attention as you need. And don't worry about being bored - every class has something new. I never knew there were so many different exercises with so many "low-tech" ways to do them. Yes it's 'exercise' but I can't wait for the next class!!

Michael B.

“Let’s go to Boot Camp to get ready for our Naginata tournament and testing in California”, said Bryan. So, we went to Boot Camp every morning at 5:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday for 4 weeks. We used the motto “train hard, fight easy,” to keep us going. It is extremely important for Martial Artist to maintain their physical condition as well as practicing their fighting skills if they want to be successful in a fight. From the words of Bruce Lee, “But if you are winded in a sparring, It proves that your condition is such.” We did not want to be winded and wanted to do our very best, we knew that Boot Camp would help us condition our bodies for our upcoming trip. We both passed our tests and did well in the tournament. Thank you Boot Camp for motivating us to condition our bodies and be better able to compete!

Bryan Kapplow (Nidan)
Carol Strickland (Ikkyu)

After 2 sessions of bootcamp, I improved my 5k time by 3 minutes!  After 2 more sessions, I cut 15 minutes off my half-marathon pace (2hrs and 15 minutes down to under 2 hrs). Not only did I cut 15 minutes, but the course was extremely hilly compared to my previous run. I was able to run the hills with what seemed like no extra effort!

In addition to my time improvements, after 12 years of volleyball, my knees, shoulders, and back all bother me. Bootcamp helped rehab those joints and build the supporting core muscles around my back which has helped relieve a lot of knee and shoulder pain, kept me away from the chiropractor, and improved my sleep!

Ashlee Falco.

I started Boot Camps to Go in December 2008. I was the fattest and most out of shape I have ever been in my life. At my heaviest, I was 152 pounds. I'd been working office jobs for years and not exercising with any regularity, and the results of that were clear. For two years I had been trying to enter a job in Law Enforcement, but was unable to meet the minimum physical standards necessary. I was very unhappy with myself, and knew that it was time to make a big change.

I started Boot Camps to Go, and found that I was right at home amongst a class of people with similar goals as me - to get healthy and be happy. Laurel and Mike were both encouraging and tough at all the right moments, pushing me to work harder, push past my comfort zones, and do more than I would have thought possible in a 45 minute block of time. I loved the original workouts and the variety- you just never knew what you would be getting into each day at Boot Camp. I looked forward to each session, and to the changes I was seeing in my body shape.  I stayed in Boot Camp for 3 months, and during that time I applied for and was hired as a Police Officer with the City of Thomasville Georgia. I stopped Boot Camp in March 2009 only because I left for the Police Academy.

I was absolutely THRILLED when I arrived at the academy and found myself one of the fittest recruits there. I was very proud to be one of the only ones not puking after day one of physical fitness testing. I definitely had a headstart in terms of fitness above many of the others there. I know it was because of my three months of hard work in Boot Camp. Building core muscles and strength was a very important task for me because of my law enforcement aspirations. Wearing a duty belt and gear weighing close to 30 pounds each day is a workout in itself, and being healthy and strong is imperative in a job where you just never know what might happen. I believe that to be a law enforcement officer and not try to be in peak physical condition is only cheating yourself.

Boot Camps to Go helped me to get past that hurdle of getting myself off the couch and doing something about my health. Laurel and Mike inspired me and pushed me, and got me into a fitness kick that continued well beyond my sessions at Boot Camp. Somewhere along the way, the weight just came off. It stopped being hard, and just started happening as a result of my activities. Since December 2008, I have lost a total of 25 pounds. I went from a size 11 to a size 4. I am no longer trying to lose weight, just maintain at my current size and build strength.

Thanks so much to Laurel and Mike for believing in me, and for pushing me to do my best! I am so happy in my own skin now, and in my new job as a Police Officer. I couldn't have done it without you guys!


Laurel, Mike,

I just wanted to say how awesome this boot camp is!!! I am seeing and loving the results of me training with you guys. I also feel the workouts and soreness of the muscles that we focus on and I just love it. I am happier, even more confident and I just wanted to say. . . THANKS!

--- Stacie

"After being an avid runner for several years, I had grown tired of going out and pounding the pavement as my only mode of exercise. I went to the sports store to look at some different workout equipment and that is when I found a flier for Boot Camps To Go. I signed up a month later and have now been working out at BCTG for four months now. Every workout is different, and every workout will challenge your entire body (both muscular and cardio). I love how Mike and Laurel create new workouts that challenge me in different ways, and the results aren't bad either!!!"

--- Bret Cowley

Boot Camp has been great!  I enjoy the intensity of the workout, the variety and the positive environment which you and Mike create.  It has certainly
done wonders for my motivation and enthusiasm for exercise and health.

Joseph Maleszewski

Boot camp is awesome!!! The fun activites never got boring and I felt like the 45 minutes flew by!! I lost 10 lbs in one month and I can hold the plank for way longer than on that first day. Thanks so much for creating a fun, safe and doable workout that really produces results!!! 

Nancy Donovan

 I just completed month 3 of bootcamp. When I first started bootcamp, I couldn't even run one lap without stopping. Last Thursday I completed an entire half murph without stopping ONCE. Thanks to Mike and Laurel- you guys rock! Bootcamp is the best workout program I have ever participated in. If you make the effort, you see results. I am stronger and have more endurance than I have had in a long time and I look forward to my workouts. :) Kristin Carlton

I have gained back increased stamina, strength and energy.  My resting heartbeat is 45, which is equivalent to a trained athlete.

I love coming to BC because of the variety.  Mike and Laurel push you to become your very best!

I would not trade the friendships or family-like atmosphere -


Beth Ryan

Boot camp is like the best thing I have done for myself in years. You and Mike are the best! Its not just about the workout and the weight loss for me but it is about a group of people trying to make themselves better!

I work in an atmosphere everyday where no one cares much about making themselves better so it is refreshing to come to bootcamp and forget all about that!

Thanks so much for providing this opportunity for us.

Happy New Year - Lori

"Ever since I began Bootcampstogo three (3) months ago, I have found that my endurance has tripled.  Before starting, I found it difficult to run more than a 1/2 mile without feeling tired and exhausted for days afterwards.  Now, I can run for at least three miles and feel great.  Laurel and Mike have given me incentive to continue to push myself; while at the time time, mentally realizing just how much my body can endure and benefit from strong and intensive workouts.  I recommend it to anyone who is ready to bring their level of fitness up to a higher level." 

 Kristine Kissell

I have lost 9 pounds, I am sleeping better, I feel more energetic and I have more muscle tone.
I am looking forward to the next 4 week session and expect to continue in a more healthy direction in terms of my weight, sleep and overall body conditioning.
My goal this next session will be to complete all assigned exercises within the time allotted and start being able to accomplish this not later than the 4th week of training.

Your program is just what I needed!


When my parents got divorced 2 years ago it hit me extremely hard and I comforted my hurt and depression with food. In 2 years I gained around 70 lbs!! In January 2008, one of my best friends from college was getting married in New York. I was so excited to go, but soooooo embarrassed about the way I now looked. Whenever anyone saw me I would wonder if they were thinking, "Whoa- she got big!" When my husband and I returned from New York, I knew I had to do something about this extra weight. In February, I went onto Google and typed in "Tallahassee boot camps" and discovered Boot Camps to go. I immediately signed up for the March session and then let the nerves set in. I wondered what it would be like, would the instructors yell like drill sergeants, would I be able to do it. The first day I entered and met Laurel, all my fears were put to rest. She was so genuine and caring and I could tell that she wanted the best for all her clients. The question I get the most about boot camp is "do they yell at you if you can't do something?" I always answer with, "No way! They don't want you to hurt yourself, but they are going to push you to do something you might not think you can do." I have just about finished my third month at boot camp and have lost around 25 lbs. I absolutely love it..... with the exception of that log thing we were doing today- that about killed me.

Laura M

Greetings Laurel.

Here are a few before and after pictures of me. I wore the same outfit so that the change can be seen better. I officially lost 7 pounds and 2.5 inches from my waist. The next time I will measure my arms, hips, thighs, and waist so that I can get a better overall perspective of my weight loss and health gain. Take care and see you May 12th!


I’ve sort of recently become quite obsessed with Boot Camps To Go. It quickly has become my favorite way to stay in shape and provides the best overall workout I’ve ever done by far. I have been running, hitting the gym, staying active, and eating well for years now (with pieces of cake and ice cream here and there…I’m human) and have always fallen short of reaching my ideal body. Reaching my goal of not necessarily losing weight but toning up and increasing my endurance hit a plateau about a year ago and it became extremely difficult to move past it. So, I decided to give boot camp a try one Saturday about 3 months ago and then began the 2-day sessions about 2 months ago and the results have been amazing. Even though I have a little bit more to go, I’m seeing my body change and tone up like never before. My endurance has greatly increased as well as my muscle tone. I feel (and have read time and time again) that the type of training done at places such as BCTG is ideal to gain muscle strength and endurance. I really can’t say how much I love boot camp and look forward to it…it’s pretty crazy how excited I get to go and how bummed I get during the off week. I would definitely recommend BCTG to anyone and everyone looking to lose weight, tone up, gain endurance, or to just have a change of pace with their workouts. You will be shocked at how short of time it takes to start seeing changes. The trainers are so great and are more than willing to answer any questions as well as make sure that all workouts are done correctly to prevent injury. The groups are small enough to get one-on-one time with the trainers which is really nice to make sure that form is correct and also a bit of motivation not to slack  Again, I can’t speak enough About Boot Camp Fitness and Training and the amazing results I’ve gotten and believe anyone else could get if they gave it a shot.

Dena R

When I first wrote to Laurel back in October 2007, I think I had really hit the bottom of the barrel. I needed help. Laurel was so kind and encouraging, even to someone as big as me and it made me want to go to Boot Camp.
I remember my first night, out of breath, tired, sweaty (even in November) and still nothing but kindness. I fell that first night because I was and still am so uncoordinated. I couldn't keep my balance doing a lunge. I just toppled right over….timber. The next day Laurel sent an email to check on me to see if I was okay. She wrote, “…be extra careful and don't worry about having to do things slower. I would rather you guys be safe and slow then try and keep up and get hurt.” How many times have we heard that?
Well, slow was my middle name and I’ve learned (learning) to do things right. That was just my first night. The next few weeks that followed were just about the best of Boot Camp. I was so sore. I hurt all the time because Laurel, Chris and Mike had begun waking up all those dormant muscles that had not been used in so many years. I must admit, they had up a big Do-Not-Disturb sign and did not want to take it down. I remember asking one of my Camp mates if the soreness ever went away. She said, “Not if you’re doing it right.”
Even with being so sore, I was making progress. It was starting to show and I was finding that I really liked what I was doing. It was becoming additive. I am starting to keep up with the more experienced athletes. Not on everything but I’m getting better. I am doing lunges, sprints, push-ups, squats, working with kettlebells, etc… and my stamina is getting better all the time. Several months later, I’m down 37 lbs and over 6.5 inches. I am still going, still trying to do the best I can. I’m still not so coordinated but I’m getting better. My muscles are starting to remember what it was like to be active. I still get sore, I still hurt after a good work out and they are all good. But no matter what, I still enjoy what I’m doing and learning. AND I still get the same encouragement and kindness shown to me that I did on that first night. Not only by the Trainers but my Camp mates who are some really awesome people!
Lisa Trone is a nugget that people don’t take advantage of like they should. She spurs me on every month with a lecture on nutrition. During the lecture it always feels like she is talking directly to me. Thanks Lisa for all of your help. Thank you Laurel. Thank you Mike. Thank you Chris. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I still have a long way to go. The point is…I'’M HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!

Susan S

Dear Boot Camps to Go, 

I can't thank you enough for the results you helped me achieve over my time "in training".
About a year before I started in Boot Camps to Go, I ruptured a disc in my lower spine. It was devastating to me physically and emotionally. Before the injury, I was an active athlete. I played on the women's professional football team in Columbus, OH and was an avid runner. 
After my injury, I wasn't able to do anything for almost 6 months. In that time, I lost muscle, strength, endurance, and worst of all, confidence.
With the OK to start involving myself in physical activity, I started to jog a little here and there. Then one of my best friends, told me About Boot Camp Fitness and Training so I signed up, although very apprehensive that I could do it. 
My very first morning when I woke up at 5:30 am, I was nervous. I seriously questioned if I could this.
The first week was hell. 
The second week was worse. 
But then, the third week came. I could lift more, I could run faster, I could push myself farther and farther than I could have in a long time. 

The rest is history. The history is pounds lost, inches lost, increased definition, increased endurance, and best of all, confidence that I can do anything I put my mind and heart into. 

Thank you for the push when I thought I was finished. Thank you for being original in each workout, nothing is ever boring. Thank you for the constant support. Most of all, thank you for being like nothing else in Tallahassee. No gym can compare to you and the results you produce. I know I would not be where I am today without you.

Thank you,

Liz B

I started "Boot Camps to Go" in early October weighing in at 325 pounds.  Two months later, I am down to 300.  My goal was to get down to under 300 by Christmas, which is now a reality, given almost two and a half weeks to go.  While it wasn't easy it has been well worth it.  I'm doing things I never dreamed I would ever be able to do at all or or ever again (lunges, pull ups, running, sprinting, crunches, squats, jumping rope, etc), especially after undergoing knee surgery due to a partially torn meniscus less then two years ago.  And the amazing thing was how I started noticing a difference in things that one takes for granting in just two to three weeks.  My energy level and stamina has increased.  I can now slide in and out of restaurant booths without any trouble and have space between my abdomen and the 
table.  I can get off the couch without having to strain like before.  
I no longer snore and don't have to use my C-Pap due to sleep apnea. I can tie my shoes without loosing my breath or feel like I'm going to blow a major artery in my head.  I can kneel in church during Mass and have space between my abdomen and the pew.  Walking through airports or up stairs with baggage is now a piece of cake, with me no longer being out of breath and having to rest.  After about three weeks of boot camp I had to fly out of town for a business trip...the seatbelt fit!!  I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn in years due to getting so big and have also been able to wear new clothes that have been hanging in the closet in the hopes that one day I could fit in to them.  Thanks to "Boot Camps to Go" I can now wear them.  Most important is that my wife and kids have noticed the change and have commented on it and are proud of me, especially since I can DO fun things with them as opposed to just watching from the sidelines.

Now I am getting ready to finish my second month of boot camp as my second "Hell Week" comes to a close.  While I'm not the fastest, best conditioned or strongest person out there I have come a long way in a short period of time.  I do realize that I have a long way to go (my goal is to get down to about 220 pounds), which I realize is now obtainable given my initial success and doing such in the right way... through proper exercise and nutrition, which is what "Boot Camps to Go" has provided.  Laurel, Mike, Chris and Lisa, I can't thank you all enough and want you to know that you all have been a God-send and have truly saved my life.

For anyone who thinks they are too overweight or too out of shape to do "Boot Camps to Go" I say the only thing that is stopping you is you.  Give it a try because the only thing you have to lose is weight and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Although it sounds like a cliche it is true..If I was able to do it at 325 pounds, so can you!!!

Sal B, 42

In June of 2007 I applied for the opportunity to become an FBI Special Agent. I received an invitation to phase I testing in August and after a lot of studying and preparation I passed the exam. At the phase I test the FBI recruiter explained that those applicants who passed would not be considered for phase II until they could pass the FBI physical fitness test (PFT) through personal assessment. A lot of emphasis was put on this due to the fact that the majority of applicants due not pass phase II testing due to the PFT.

I was already familiar with the PFT requirements and had been hitting the gym and running on a regular bases. When I passed the phase I exam I felt that I needed to kick my training into high gear if I was going to have any chance of getting a phase II invitation. I had heard of boot camp style fitness classes through the local gym and decided to Google it to see what was available. I found Boot Camps To Go and from the description and the photos it seemed to be exactly what I was looking. I emailed Laurel to get more information and to explain my goals and she assured me that with hard work and dedication Boot Camps To Go would help me reach my goal of passing the PFT.

I have successfully completed two sessions and have lost a total of 25 pounds and 6% body fat. Boot Camps To Go has exceeded my expectations and has put me on the fast track to attaining a passing score on the FBI physical fitness test. Laurel, Mike and Chris do an outstanding job of making every workout challenging and interesting. Each workout is different and builds upon strength and endurance. The free clinics with nutritionist Lisa Trone have reinforced what I have found to be the most effective way to diet through portion control and good food choices. The best part of this journey has been to see that the changes that I am making in myself are also making a difference in my children. Watching my 2 and 5 year old sons trying to do push-ups, sit-ups and running has made this all truly worthwhile.

David, 34

I had been hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week and running 3 times weekly for 6 months. Then I got into a rut and wasn’t seeing the results I was expecting (very frustrated). When I came across the BCTG web site it looked like what I needed to kick start my metabolism and reach the next level. After just 2 weeks into my first month I dropped a pant size and noticed major improvements in overall strength and endurance. Every session was different and fun which didn’t allow the muscles to get used to the routine. Most noticeably were my core muscles which had always been difficult to work in the gym, even with free weights. Laurel, Mike and Chris offer the perfect level of (polite) motivation to get you to the next level, what ever it is. I would recommend BCTG to anyone of any level of fitness.

Brian - 31

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